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Here at Lifestyle Conservatories ALDIY  we believe in doing business with integrity that is purpose driven and has a lasting effect on the community within which we work and live. We believe the social purpose of business is to enable all the world’s people to live their  lives with dignity and in comfort while preserving the  natural resources of our planet,   It’s what is commonly referred to as the “triple bottom line” – People, Planet and Profit ( 3P principal)


Profit with a Purpose

For many we together with our staff, family and friends have been involved with Miracle Kidz Safe House where we have taken on an active role in making a tangible difference. Replacing broken windows and installing aluminium sliding door and extending the play area for the kids that live there. We also actively sponsor a child with schooling and extra curricular activities. The greatest reward that any human can have is in helping another human being life a live of purpose. We are passionate  about our business and we are proud of our association with Miracle Kidz Safe House

About  Miracle Kidz Safe House

  • Miracle Kidz Safe House has been providing a caring and loving temporary home to abused, abandoned and neglected children for about 10 years.
  • Among their many duties, the essentials include feeding, clothing, attending to any medical requirements that are needed and introducing the previously hurt and vulnerable little humans to a family structure.

If you would like to sponsor a child or get involved in making a difference in a child’s life please email Elsie du Plessis or visit to make a donation.


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